How it works

We have a single phone number 01273 921668 that anyone in the community can call, to be connected with a range of local voluntary support. Supported by this website that celebrates volunteering in the community. Our database and volunteer coordinator matches up volunteers with those in need and provides respite cover for those already volunteering.

The scheme also validates individuals and organisations providing paid care and support within the area who have been recommended by members of the community. There are already many people and groups locally who are supporting or caring for their neighbours in many ways, often in isolation. We our bringing them all together, to support and extend their great work throughout the community, encouraging the whole community including the clients of the scheme to volunteer.

Who we help

Life circumstances can change rapidly; a sudden deterioration in health, an accident, the loss of a loved one, finding yourself caring for a loved one, redundancy, homelessness can result in sudden social isolation. It could happen to any of us, a volunteer one day, in need of a volunteer the next.